Its Gold.

A beard in your hand is worth more than two on the face. ‘Cuz C’mon, who would you pay more to see? The guy with two beards on his face or the dude with a beard growing out of his hand?

how to alan moore

If you grow a beard like Alan Moore, you, too, can worship snake gods. If you wish to absorb Alan Moore’s wisdom, find a seat beneath his beard at a signing and let it flow through and onto you.


Rapunzel was actually a bearded woman that used her beard to aid her prince to her tower cell. The story was changed to be more socially relevant.

To be or not to be…

Shakespeares original dialogue in Romeo and Juliet was not “A curse on both your houses”, but in fact it was “A curse on both your beards”. It was later changed to “houses” so people without beards can relate to it.